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Secret weapon against cancer!

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MesajTarih: Pts Şub 02, 2009 1:11 am    Mesaj konusu: Secret weapon against cancer! Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder

Secret weapon against cancer!
Vitamin D in the field of human cancer and 25 percent reduced risk of heart disease is caught. So vitamin D is found in what?

Vitamin D in the field of human cancer and 25 percent reduced risk of heart disease is caught. Milk, and salmon are abundant in the sun makes this vitamin to be young ..

Milk-drinking, you would walk 30 minutes every day, would take multivitamin ... So vitamin D is stored under your protection, is not it? If 40 percent of the population so that if you do not get included in the section to 85'lik. You are over 60 years of age, your skin is dark or get out of the sun protection are a lot of cream, you can put yourself in risk groups. The bad news, but the only reason for your health, you need vitamin D for strong bones is not! Most recent research, a series of vitamin D brings together more than a super hero that has shown benefit. It also allows you to live longer included!

Reduces the risk of cancer

Many research, the more vitamin D in the field of human cancer and heart disease has fallen 25 per cent of the risk of capture were revealed. What if you do not receive? Described a new research, the blood is too low in people with vitamin D and for any reason (heart attack, cancer, infection, and what comes to mind) the death risk, a higher rate of people in the field of vitamin D by 26 per cent increase was determined. And this is just the beginning! Vitamin D, a new 'Google' it is like a silent child. So, will equally be taken lightly. That is, this vitamin how to stay young and healthy is a latest news about:

DNA controls

Reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer *: Many cells, rabbits love to produce more quickly, but can lead to uncontrolled cancer cell proliferation. Renewal rate of vitamin D in the cells' threshold cover 'task will be. The p53 gene in DNA debugging activates. This gene controls the DNA; incorrect and can kill cancer cells.

* Experts, who live in climates, and sun light directly on the vitamin D stores of women, breast cancer is lower than the risk it is connected.

* D vitamin, reduces the risk of ovarian and lung cancer is the formation of, colon cancer is known to help in the beat.

* Recent research body with a high rate of vitamin D in colon cancer patients, the higher was the chance to escape.

For milk, eat fish

* What are the resources to get enough vitamin D? Salmon, oily fish such as sardines and herring, have been strengthened in terms of vitamin D skimmed yogurt, milk, soy milk and orange juice. But for that you need to eat too many oranges. 10 cups per day, such as orange juice!

* You can get vitamin D from sunlight, but every day, the sun is overhead at the time, you must be outside for 10 minutes. This is only for those who live in northern regions from spring to fall in the period until the works. From November until mid-April, will allow the body to produce enough vitamin D may not receive sunlight. For this, those who live in cold regions of the reinforcement of vitamin D-3 is recommended.

* 1000 IU per day, over sixty years of age are vitamin D 1200 IU received reinforcements. Vitamin D in winter is poor, do not be vulnerable to cancer and heart disease.

Protects your heart

* Diabetes and other serious diseases obstacles: Researchers, children stay in the sun rate, the link between Type 1 diabetes when they see you are viewing: living closer to the Equator that vitamin D from the sun less than the area of diabetes cases in children are found in!

* Vitamin D, your capacity to develop and use to produce insulin. Provides protection from Type 2 diabetes. The man with the immune system this vitamin, such as MS and rheumatoid diseases artrid help prevent formation.

* Protects your heart health: prevent inflammatory and blood pressure and adjusts the amount of young vessels. With vitamin D deficiency than men, who do not have to spend two times more risk of heart attack face to be more of that.

High voice and loneliness, tension is rising!

Is it a seamless connection iPod'unuzla are you? In a busy intersection near the highway until you live? So to lower your blood pressure; iPod to mute or turn off the window can be as simple as. According to an investigation, doing the garden so much noise exposed workers, blood pressure and so many rising.

Not only because

Simple to use earplugs, to reduce systolic blood pressure 5.5 mm Hg, just as. This is your real age is a year to take it forward. Increase your blood pressure out of high volume are the following factors:

* Potato chips: with high-calorie, nutrient poor snacks to eat for your blood pressure will not ever do anything good. Instead, he prefer to Kernel months. To a diet containing vegetable protein, nuts and beans meal, can help keep down your blood pressure.

* A blank agenda: Loneliness may increase blood pressure! Therefore, the number of contacts between your mobile phone to get started. To attach a wired headset that will lower blood pressure!

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Oz
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www.turkiyespot.com ucuz hosting

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