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Not to neglect tonsils

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MesajTarih: Pts Şub 02, 2009 1:26 am    Mesaj konusu: Not to neglect tonsils Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder

Not to neglect tonsils
The body's immune system, the role of the lymphatic system is a pair of throat tissue was placed in the tonsils.

Upper respiratory tract, especially the recognition of microbes entering the body, ready to defend.
People between the nasal meat called "adenoid" or in fact the same tonsillar tissue and upper respiratory track, such as the lymph structures play a role in defense. Like tonsils, nasal meat as well as structural children already tight will hit the air ways.
Tonsillar and nasal problems Sema Hospital ENT Specialist Dr meat. Ömer Faik tells sago.
Tonsillar tissue and tissue with age, but an increasingly smaller, so after twenty years with a decrease in tonsillar infection can be seen. In fact, adolescence is a function of the tonsils and the nasal does not meat.
The most common childhood problems, tonsils and nasal meat can be seen in the period. The kindergarten children often see, such as kindergarten or elementary school when the summit is located mass.
When tonsils should be taken?
Very common surgery and nasal surgery tonsil meat as we are. As they see the benefits of drug treatment has been surgery to apply to be removed. This operation is used to decide to have two criteria.
Determine the need for surgery as a final and with the relative.
• upper respiratory track, depending on the size of the tonsils and nasal meat is often obstructive
• abscess around the tonsils occurs
• If there is no doubt the bad-tempered tumor
• jaw structure are seen in the growth of invasive nasal meat and tonsillar
• Speech disorder is caused
• Sleep in this case would lead apnesine is need for definitive surgery as we are.
From the beginning of the criteria relative to frequent tonsil infections are coming back. This is why 40% of the tonsillectomy. Relative criteria;
• In the last year or the last two years, seven times per year, or five times in the last three years or more often than 3 times per year to be hot to tonsillitis
• the patient's diphtheria (diphtheria) have the germ carrier
• Patients have the heart defect cover
• Depending on tonsils and nasal inflammation meat often have a middle ear infection is.
If your child is experiencing this kind of problem, contact a specialist immediately. Otherwise, children of snoring, restless sleep, night sweats symptoms such as the tonsils and nasal bring meat, to remain behind in growth and development, aggression, personality changes such as moodiness, can cause learning difficulties.
Tonsillectomy in the radio-frequency method
In this method, the device is connected to radio frequency energy to the tonsil needle will sink. This radio frequency energy is supplied by injection of tonsil to shrink in size and therefore allows to shrivel up. Approximately 70% allows airlines to expand. After the application is very little pain. Therefore, disturbances in children after surgery is less seen.
Termtime best time for surgery
Tonsillar diseases and the problems of the age group of children with nasal meat has been known to apply the same rules for the adults. Any serious health problems as barriers to surgery are not being implemented for tonsillectomy in adults. Respiratory distress caused to the growth in the large tonsils and advanced degrees in cases of nasal eti 6th in children months since the surgery can be done, age does not create an obstacle. School age children do not stay back termtime courses as we are the most appropriate time.
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www.turkiyespot.com ucuz hosting

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