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Promoting the need for Osteoporosis Grape Molasses Consumpti

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MesajTarih: Pts Şub 02, 2009 1:49 am    Mesaj konusu: Promoting the need for Osteoporosis Grape Molasses Consumpti Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder

Promoting the need for Osteoporosis Grape Molasses Consumption
Against this disease to always eat!
Against this disease to always eat!
Prof. Dr. Ülkü Akarırmak, the syrup is rich in calcium, osteoporosis (osteoclasis) reduces the risk of a food is beneficial, he said.

Osteoporosis Patients Association President Prof. Dr. Ülkü Akarırmak, to the AA correspondent that the,''''osteoclasis''or''bone weakening known as osteoporozun, decrease in bone quantity and bone quality deterioration due to weakening of the bones to break and so become prone to a disease is reported.

Osteoporozun the world's most common diseases of the skeletal system is, this disease is connected to a bone fracture of the increasingly important public health issue is becoming Akarırmak striking,''the development and protection of the bones in the diet has a crucial role. Appropriate feeding is protected osteoporozdan''said.

Calcium-rich diet is very important in terms of protection osteoporozdan declaratory Akarırmak, said:

Calcium-rich diet''should be considered alongside other factors, of course, is there too. Insufficient vitamin D gain, protein and sodium than the amount taken, insufficient zinc, to be florid, B, C and K vitamin deficiency, excessive alcohol and coffee consumption can be given examples of these factors.

These are very important for calcium-rich diet. Calcium needs vary in the process of life. Childhood and adolescence when the skeleton is growing rapidly in the period, the body's calcium needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding more. Of women in the period after menopause, and older men need more calcium. If you do not get enough calcium, our body needs calcium store is the largest of the bones meet. This also causes osteoporosis.''

CALCIUM DEPOT Grape Molasses

Prof. Dr Akarırmak, syrup, as well as milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, such as low fat dairy products, broccoli, chard and spinach, such as dark green leafy vegetables, legumes of the nuts, marine products, with almonds, orange juice, cereals and bread, full of rich sources of calcium is made.

This product is among the''calcium syrup tank is known as''the Akarırmak expression,''the world is increasingly an important public health problem linked to the turning osteoporosis to prevent bone breaks for syrup consumption habits useful to have a common''I was talking.

Akarırmak in Turkey is concentrated in the production of grapes, figs and pickled by the crush and was prepared by boiling the syrup to a food a rich source of calcium that can be considered alongside a cheaper product that can be expressed, it has continued as follows:

Especially those living in rural settlements''We still have syrup beslenmesinde know. But in the age group of syrup, and what happens where you live, but two thumbs is a healthy product that everyone needs to eat. Parents can prepare syrup with different tastes like syrup to their children are, themselves, also can meet calcium requirements with syrup. For example, by participating in syrup yogurt can be consumed with pleasure. Be placed on top of cheese can be consumed. The syrup can be made sherbet. Moreover, as traditional tahini syrup, sugar confectionery products such as the replacement for the düşünülebilir syrup. However, patients with weight problems and sugar and sugar calories that are required to notify the reception from the direction. Indeed, calcium sources, but the only syrup syrup is a very important source of calcium is not wrong to say. Because, 100 grams, 400 milligrams of calcium in the syrup, which is quite a high amount. Calcium-rich known as 245 in a cup of skim milk, 100 grams, 350 milligrams of calcium in yogurt have.''

WOMEN should be more careful

Akarırmak people's daily calcium requirements vary according to gender in the age group said.

To be taken daily for 500 milligrams of calcium is the amount of 1-3 years grubundakiler recording Akarırmak, 4-8 years grubundakiler this amount 800, grubundakiler for 9-18 years 1300, 1000 for 19-50 years grubundakiler, 50 and over for years grubundakiler 1200 milligrams is announced. Akarırmak, pregnant or breastfeeding women should receive their daily amount of calcium is 1200 - 1500 milligrams is said.
Akarırmak, enough calcium to protect osteoporozdan be found in addition to these suggestions:

Regular doctors should''go to, because early detection of disease is very important. People will see the appropriate doctor bone density should be measured in frequency. Calcium magnesium and vitamin C to get near enough to be considered. Salt should be reduced purchases, fiber foods should be preferred. Achieve success in treatment is important even if the actual goal should be to protect osteoporozdan.

Women with osteoporosis than men, should be careful. Because the more rapid weakening of the bone structure in women. Women, especially the rapid bone loss after menopause, bone structure and weakening may result in the emergence osteoporozun. Osteoporosis is common in women than men because women than men have less bone mass.
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www.turkiyespot.com ucuz hosting

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