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6 IMPORTANT POINT THAT you need to know

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6 IMPORTANT POINT THAT you need to know
<b> Is threatening the world again! </ B>
Is threatening the world again!
In the past, including the world's different countries, the cholera epidemic in the case of re-emerged later in the day.

According to the description of the World Health Organization in August and since its effect is still not under control number infected with cholera approximately 24 000, the number of dead from the disease is found almost 1200'ü.

UNICEF region each day to 700 000 liters of clean water distribution. The disease is expected to jump to the neighboring countries. Infection and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr.Aylin İzat Liceoğlu, Africa will travel to the country people can result in death if not treated and cholera is warned about the reply to question 6 is the most important issues.

1. What is cholera?

Cholera, Vibrio and Vibrio El Tor cholerea caused by bacteria is called a thin bowel disease that is infectious. In general, a result of sewer water into drinking water out. For centuries in India is a common disease known as cholera in 1817 and spread around the country over time in our country, including many countries of the world is being seen in the epidemic. Vegetables and fruits on the cholera bacteria between 5 to 7 days, 15 to 20 days in water, only 3 to 5 months in the dead may be alive.

2. How is cholera spread?

Diseases most through infected faeces and vomit are. People are entirely responsible for the cholera infection. The cholera epidemic to see into the water to drinking water often causes sewage. Cholera bacteria in the water between 15 to 20 days to stay alive because the number of infected is rapidly replicated. Irrigated with infected water germs cooked foods are eaten is one of the most important cause of infection. In addition, the infected people have been infected with cholera in the environment to a very high probability. The person infected with the same plate or cup to use can cause infection of cholera. Moreover, the patient's clothes, towels and paper goods such as money to make contact with the disease may have infected. To cause large-scale epidemics of cholera germs transfer of the horn helps.

3. What are the symptoms of cholera?

There are two types of cholera. Cholera El Tor cholera in Asia is one of the other. The course of a disease similar to each other in terms of both. However, El Tor cholera symptoms and complaints in a more light can be seen. In some cases the disease incubation period can be several hours a week and sometimes it can be up like. Symptoms are:

'Kolera The main symptoms are severe diarrhea and vomiting. Abdominal pain without diarrhea emerged into the bowels of bacteria that causes cholera. Vomiting will spurt in style.

"In severe cases 15 to 30 in number out to the bathroom can be seen. Vomiting and diarrhea along with 3 people per day - 20 liters liquid loses.

"This depends on the tongue and lips black to dryness occurs.

"Eyes appear collapsed, skin cold, sticky, and is wrinkled.

"Body Heat 32 - may be reduced up to 35 degrees.

"Speed up the heart rhythm.

"Renal failure occurs 10'unda percent of the patients.

"Low urinary extraction (Oligüri) or can not urinate at all (Anuri) may occur. Anuri more than 24 hours, if patients are lost.

Some people may only carrier. Does not take more than 1 week Taşıyıcılık process. However, carriers of disease in infected play a major role.

4. How is cholera treated?

Cholera treatment in hospital should be done necessarily. Fluids and electrolytes lost patient is right back to win. The liquid is measured and the patient loses the necessary amount of salt needed to be added to the liquid is given by the patient. Light cases oral liquid, in severe cases heavy vomiting seen in the liquid is given through the veins. In addition to patient treatment with antibiotics. This way, patients can get more quickly from germs in the intestine and may retake the lost fluids.

In addition to cholera isolated individuals are caught, their goods and clothing are disinfected. To identify carriers of the patient and their regions to prevent the spread of cholera is taken into quarantine.

5. What measures will be taken against cholera must be?

In the area of disease seen in the streets selling food and beverages should be prohibited. Moreover, cold food and beverages in restaurants around the service should not be allowed. The families of infected persons 50 to 60 percent among likely be the carrier that all family members must apply 5 days of drug treatment.

All nutrients must be carefully selected. Chlorination of water used should have been absolutely. Moreover, water must be absolutely boiling. Measures should be taken immediately if there are any horn.

6. Is there is a cholera vaccine?

Yes, cholera vaccine is developed, but so far no cholera vaccine is not the precise reliability. Vaccines are usually more sensitive to this kind of germs they have been received stomach or stomach - is done for patients with bowel disease. The risk of being infected, the vaccine is repeated within 6 months. However, any vaccine developed against cholera does not provide full protection.
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